Half the Sky Benefit Class
Prana Power Yoga, 282 Centre St, Newton, MA
Sunday, January 27, 2:00-3:30
Suggested donation: $20
Join me for a fun & sweaty 90 minute heart opening flow. Class wil be assisted by the fabulous Mandy Schwartz and will close with a guided meditation and my special "Love Circle".
All proceeds will go to Half the Sky Foundation, where it is their mission to train all orphanage caregivers in China to nurture, love & bond with the babies. All babies need and deserve love to grow and flourish. www.halfthesky.org

Also look out for February dates for Reiki I & II attunements.

"Listen to the music inside of youself, and do what you know you have to do to feel whole, to feel complete and to feel as if you're fulfilling your destiny. You'll never be at peace if you don't get that music out and let it play. Let the world know why you are here, and do it with passion." Wayne Dyer